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TEKXON Wi-Fi Display Dongle  (WFD-01)



What’s Wi-Fi Display Dongle?

  • Turn any TV into DLNA TV with HDMI.
  • Transfer all the multi-media on your devices to TV or projector simply with the connection of Wi-Fi Display Dongle.
  • Instantly sharing and playing any multi-media on one screen virtually.
  • For network and internet content. Stream content from Internet sites like YouTube, Flicker and from your home network.
  • Collect your multi-media in one place. Stream it anywhere.
  • Small and easy to carry when traveling.
  • 1080p and multiple formats Support.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and intuitive interface.
  • Seamless entertainment with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA).
  Specification & Accessories  
  • Support Wireless Display, Intel WiDi 3.5, DLNA
  • interface: HDMI
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Package: Wi-Fi Display Dongle, Mini USB Cable For Charging
  • Power: 5V / 500mA
  • Power Consumption: Max 2.5W
Different APP is required under different operation system.
  • If you use Win 7 or 8 based notebook/laptop with Wi-Fi feature, please download Joylink [here].
  • If you use Android (version 2.1 or up) Tablet Pc, please download Joylink [here] and iMediashare [here]
  • If you use Apple iOS, please downlod iMediashare from Apple Store.
  Firmware Upgrade   

Direct Mode

Wi-Fi Display Dongle can brodge the playback of the photo and video
of your mobile device direct on HDMI TV, point to point real time basis.
Please refer to Page 11-12 of the instruction manual.

Operation Guide for   Android OS → [Web]
Operation Guide for Windows OS → [Web]

Internet Mode

Under Wi-Fi environment (via Wi-Fi router), working through APP
like iMediashare or Joylink, Wi-Fi Display Dongle can play on-line
video from internet direct on HDMI TV.
Please refer to Page 12-13 of the instruction manual.

Operation Guide for   Android OS  →[Web]
Operation Guide for Windows OS [Web]

Mirror Mode

Under Mirror Mode, Wi-Fi Display Dongle can “mirror” 100% on HDMI
TV what you do with your mobile devices as long as the devices are
“Miracast & Intel WiDi V3.5” certificated.
Be reminder though regarding the Mirror Mode, different brands
may use different names; for example “sharepoint” for Sony;
“Miracast” for LG, etc..

Operation Guide [Web]

(LG Optimus G Wireless Output + Dongle Testing)

Notebook Hardware Requirements : Support Intel WiDi V3.5

Please to refer the datasheet:[Download]

(Intel WiDiV3.5 _ Lenovo x230Wireless Output + Dongle Testing)

Other Testing


  < The specification is subject to change without notice.>.  
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